princessida (princessida) wrote in khdiscussions,

Of Nobodies

Hi, again,
I've been wondering are there any humaniod Nobodies outside of Org. XIII? I was wondering this because I concluded that there might be a possibility since with those heartlesses attacking worlds in large numbers and the fact that I know that people and sentient creatures at times have large amounts of darkness them - Moreso than the average person. - Their strong will can be enough to form a humanoid Nobody.

And suppose they refuse to join Xemnas's group, are running "wild" and independent from Org. XIII?

How will they survive?

There is a lot of possibilities and story routes that a fanfic writer can take with that route.
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Also something to think about is: Are all the humanoid Nobodies psychically connected? Like, if a new one pops up, do the others know who, what, when, and where? Did Org. XIII actively seek out Roxas and Xion, or were those two drawn to find Org. XIII, or was it a complete coincidence?
I did not think much about the 'psychically connected' issue concerning humaniod Nobodies. But I am questioning if Xemnas is psychic, if he knows where to go and find the new guy (i.e. Roxas and Xion). I find it a bit eerie that he was able to find/ recruit Roxas so fast.