princessida (princessida) wrote in khdiscussions,

Of Elemental Powers and Thinking

Hi, I'm new. But for a long time I've been a KH fan (well, I came in late into the fandom), but I've been wondering about the elemental powers of Organization Thirteen. I have been wondering are Saix and Marly water manipulators? This odd reasoning originated from an incredibly awesome nickelodeon cartoon called, Avatar the Last Airbender, here is the water manipulating page link:

I have a tendency to over analyzing or attempting to make sense of something quite unfamiliar.

So anyway the water manipulators get a power boost from the full moon, hence Saix also gets a power boost, and there is a tribe that bends the water inside of plants, called 'plantbending', just like Marly's abilities (Though I call it 'sakurabending').

Just help me make sense of it or tell me what you think of it. :)
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