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Yeah, I spoiled myself. I saw Ryune ranting about it, and it's not coming out for a looooong time, so I thought 'what the heck'.


WELL. I can safely say that I did NOT see that coming about Xion. I suppose it kinda makes sense... I need to think on it a bit more, I guess. Does she really count as a true Nobody, though? Was she created without a Heart? ...need moar explainings plzkthnx Nomura =D

Question for anyone whose already played the game - Is she left handed? She's shown holding the Keyblade with her left hand in one of the trailers - if she is left handed, is there a reason given? Sora's right handed, so... this confuses me.

Also, the KH wiki is already listing a whole heap of 'weapons' for the other Org. members... like, a dozen or so for each member. Are these variations on their actual weapons, like the Keybalde (ie. Kingdom Key, then with other keychains becomes Oathkeeper, Ultima etc.), or are my suspicions correct in that these are attacks that the member can use, mistranslated as 'weapons'? Answers, I would like some =D

EDITED FOR GREAT JUSTICE: So yeah, I was wrong, the Org DO get a bucketload of various weapons each. LOLWHUT NOMURA just... IDEK.

Also! Saix and Axel knew each other before they were Nobodies! If anyone saw that coming they win a million internetcookies.


Anyway, 358/2 Days - DISCUSS HERE =D

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