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Modly post time!

So, I just remembered because it was brought up on khfanficrants that 358/2 Days is COMING TO A STORE NEAR YOU if you live in Japan on 30th May.

So I'm just gonna do a quick little reminder of what to do if you want to post stuff about the game.

If you are posting images/mega important plot points about Days here, they must ALL be behind a cut and you must say before the cut something along the lines of "SPOILERY SPOILERY SPOILERZ OMG YAY" so that anyone who does not want to know about the game before they play it can just skip it.

Please guys, I'd rather not have to make this comm a moderated submission one, I really don't have time for that much. If anything trolly does unfortunately get posted, lemme know and I'll delete it asap.
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